We are delighted to announce that the VII International Four Hands Piano Competition
and MusicMagic Piano Festival will take place in Budapest from 19-23 April 2023,
hosted by Csepel and its cultural institutions.
During the five-day event, the piano competition will be accompanied
by a rich programme of classical music and other arts events.

VII MusicMagic International Four-Hand Piano Competition and Piano Festival
Budapest, 19-23 April 2023.

MusicMagic opening concert date:
19 April 2023 (Wednesday) 10:00-13:00

Date of the competition:
20-22 April 2023 (Thursday-Saturday)
from 9:30 am

Results announcement and gala performance:
23 April 2023 (Sunday)

Date of the piano course:
23 April 2023, following the awards ceremony.

The competition and the course are open to students from Hungary and abroad.

As a new feature of the 2023 competition, we will also announce a PARENT-CHILD category and the possibility for overseas competitors to participate via video message.


Age groups in the PUPIL-PUPIL category:
Age group 1: pupils born on or after 1 January 2014
Age group 2: pupils born between 1 January 2012 and 1 January 2014
Age group 3: pupils born between 1 January 2010 and 1 January 2012
Age group 4: pupils born between 1 January 2008 and 1 January 2010
age group 5: pupils born between 1 January 2006 and 1 January 2008
Age group 6: pupils born on or before 1 January 2006

Entries are again welcome in 2023 in the TEACHER-PUPIL and TEACHER-TEACHER categories.

The age of the older member of the duo will be taken into account when determining the age group.
There is no age restriction in the Parent-Child category.

There has been a growing interest in our competition in the last couple of years, so we created a special category for overseas duos. Please record your four-handed performances in MP4 or avi video format, within the timeframe set for each age group.
On the recording, just before the performance, please state your name, age group, and the composer and title of the works to be performed in the order in which they are performed. The recording device should be fixed on a tripod or any other means and should not be moved. The recording must not be edited or post-produced in any way, and the recording device must be positioned so that the contestants and the instrument are fully visible.
ENTRY DEADLINE with video sending: 5 April 2023.
Please send videos with file sharing platform (f.e. wetransfer.com) to zenevarazslat@zenevarazslat.hu email adress.

The competition is a one-round event.
The competition will be played on one piano, we cannot accept performances on two pianos.
Entry criteria: each student may enter as a member of  maximum two duos.

Competition material: in 2023, duos can enter the competition with works of their own choice, and of different character, within the set time limit. We would be delighted to hear a piece by a well-known composer as one of your competition pieces. We also would like to encourage competitors and instructors to choose works by contemporary Hungarian composers too (born after 1950), thus giving opportunity for the promotion of Hungarian composers. We will award a special prize for the best interpretation.

Required performance times (limits) for age groups:
Age group 1: maximum performance time 5 minutes.
Age group 2: maximum performance time 6 minutes.
Age group 3: maximum performance time 8 minutes.
Age group 4: maximum performance time 12 minutes.
Age group 5: maximum performance time 12 minutes.
Age group 6: maximum performance time 15 minutes.

Teacher-Pupil category: maximum performance time 10 minutes.
Teacher-Teacher category: maximum performance time 15 minutes.
Parent-Child category: maximum performance time 7 minutes.

Entry fee: HUF 2000 / duo.
The entry fee can be paid in cash on the spot or by bank transfer to the account of the MusicMagic Foundation. If you pay by bank transfer, please indicate the surnames of the participating duo or the name of the music school in the communication field. You can pick up the bank transfer receipt at the registration desk at the competition venue.

Planned competition dates for the certain age groups:
20 April 2023 (Thursday): age group VI, age group V and the corresponding Teacher-Pupil and Teacher-Teacher categories.
21 April 2023 (Friday): age group IV, age group III and the corresponding Teacher-Pupil and Teacher-Teacher categories.
22 April 2023 (Saturday): age group II, age group I and the corresponding Teacher-Pupil and Teacher-Teacher categories.
23 April 2023 (Sunday): results announcement and awards gala
Please only request a change of date for justified reasons.
The award ceremony will take place after the final competition, where we expect all participants to attend!
Each duo is asked to bring a piece of artwork (in a technique and size of their choice) or a short essay to the competition, depicting the images and moods of the piece.